Pastor Ji Sung Bae

Sabbath May 20, 2017 Pastor Ji Sung Bae from Korea, founder of the 1000 Missionary Movement came to Nusa Dua SDA church for the third time, his last visit to this church was about 10 years ago. At sermon Pastor Ji talked about Unlimited Challenge. He started off with the true story of a young man who put his dream into a list of 120 items who managed to achieve about 90 percent of his dreams, one of them was to visit the moon, which he did. This man when he was young he used to go to his grandmother’s house where he heard his grandmother and aunt many times talked like “If I were young I would do this, that, this and that….” He didn’t want to grow old and talking like his grandmother and aunt so he made his list of dreams and achieved most of the things he put in that list. Many people and many Christians live without a dream, and many don’t realize that God the Almighty is pleased and able to help us make our dreams come true. 

Carpenter bee is the kind of bees that have big bodies and small wings. Scientists studied how these bees can fly, their scientific studies concluded that these kind of bees cannot fly. But they fly, because they do not know that they cannot fly. If only Christians have the kind of faith these bees have, they should be able to achieve anything in life. 

King David was small in figure when he was young. But he said to king Saul not to worry about him, that he will be able to conquer Goliath (the toughest enemy soldier with huge body and well trained for warfare). David took five little pebbles and swing it with his sling to hit the forehead of the giant soldier. David didn’t hesitate as he approached Goliath, he ran to him and everybody knows how the story ended (1 Samuel 17).

Life if full of challenges, we human are full of weaknesses and limitations, in addition to being mortals. But we know that we have God, the Almighty God, the One who created the whole universe, the source of life and salvation, our refuge, the King of all kings. Nothing, nothing is impossible before Him, if only we can live fully according to His commandments and will, then the challenge is unlimited. 

Later in AY hours Pastor Ji talked about bible meditation. The Israelites were fed with Manna during their journey in the wilderness. Manna was poured down at dawn before the sun rises. Everyone was allowed to collect Manna according to his/her portion and also for his/her family members. We should read the Bible everyday, ideally early in the morning as we come out of our beds. Spend a quality time reading the Bible, ask intelligent questions to yourself about what you read, and live them out in our daily life. Among the things a good Christian do include prayers, Bible reading, and Witnessing. 

BSM Health Seminar, dr Sondang Panjaitan

Sunday May 14, 2017, Dr. Sondang Panjaitan, a dermatologist from Jakarta came to Park 23 Shopping Mall on Jalan Kediri, Bali, to present a health seminar for Bali Sehat Ministry, the program started at 2 pm. Dr. Sondang addressed the need of sunshine for our best health. Vitamin D can only be formed in human bodies with proper exposure to the sun. Living in the tropical country like Indonesia, we should be in the sun for 30-minutes from 10 am to 2 pm every day. If you have to be outdoor in the sun for hours, you should be using sunblock to keep the skin from burning. Different skin colors mean different characters and sensitivity toward the sun. Those with lighter skin color should not be exposed to the sun as much as those whose skin colors are darker. We have to, as much as possible, prevent our skin from being too much exposed to the sun as this may trigger skin cancer, if your skin turns reddish after the exposure, that means you have too much sun. We should also cover our head and our face when we are in the hot sun. Dr. Sondang also presented that one of the benefits of sunshine is to prevent different cancers in our bodies. We thank God for all the blessings He has given us through the wonderful nature that He created. 

Music Talk by Bapak Ronald Panjaitan

May 13, 2017, Bapak Ronald Panjaitan and Ibu Sondang Panjaitan Sirait, pioneers of the Seventh Singers, had the chance to attend Nusa Dua SDA church. Bapak Ronald Panjaitan spoke about the importance of solemn and reverent music at worship hours. Being a professional musician for many years, Bapak Ronald Panjaitan was able to show the kind of music that we should do at church, especially during worship hours as we approach the holy throne of God. Music is a prayer, our attitude in singing and the kinds of music we do show our respect for our Creator. Melodious songs like the ones found in church hymnal books are good for brains, while the songs exposing dissonance and loud sound that covers the voice of vocals are not proper to be played before the holy God. Bapak Ronald Panjaitan presented many examples from the Bible about the use of music, and the kind of noise that music made that is not right for worship. The kinds of musical instruments used and the way the music is conducted and the singers and songs, are among the important things we have to carefully consider in our preparation before worship hours. 

Dr Sondang Panjaitan singing special song at Nusa Dua SDA church 

Pestari Anak Distrik Bali, minggu 23 April 2017

'Pesta Rohani Anak Distrik Bali' mungkin bisa disebut sebagai perayaan rohani untuk anak-anak SDA Distrik Bali, diadakan terakhir minggu 23 April di kebun indah Bedugul. Sebagian besar keluarga SDA di Bali datang ke pertemuan ini diselenggarakan oleh kepala Jawa Timur konferensi pendeta Jonathan WS Wagiran dan madam Anneke Wagiran (kepala dept Kementerian Anak EJC). Anak-anak dan guru dari sekolah Permata Ibu, Taman Eden, dan kebanyakan anak-anak dari kelompok yang berbeda dari semua gereja SDA di Bali, pendeta dan orang tua memiliki waktu menikmati kesenangan meriah program di bidang rumput hijau sangat membentang di bawah pohon tinggi menakjubkan Kebun Raya Bedugul. Pastor JWS Wagiran dan Madam Anneke Wagiran membahas pentingnya perkembangan rohani di antara anak-anak dan bagaimana hal ini juga tergantung pada peran penting orang tua dan guru lakukan di sekolah dan di rumah. Itu piknik besar untuk semua, kita diberkati dengan cuaca bagus, langit cerah sepanjang jalan dari awal sampai akhir program. Awan mulai rendah bawah pohon Bedugul pada saat semua orang adalah tentang meninggalkan Taman dan Gerimis oleh sekitar 2 pm mulai. Kita bersyukur kepada Tuhan untuk hari indah, kasih yang besar ia memberi tak henti-hentinya yang semua tercermin melalui keajaiban penciptaan, danau dan pohon-pohon, bunga-bunga indah dan tanaman, monyet-monyet lucu, udara segar, matahari dan hujan yang sama sekali membawa sukacita dan kebahagiaan bagi setiap anak dan keluarga. 

Pestari Anak Distrik Bali, Sunday April 23th, 2017

‘Pesta Rohani Anak Distrik Bali’ perhaps can be referred to as the spiritual feast for SDA children of Bali district, was held last Sunday April 23th at the beautiful botanical garden of Bedugul. Most SDA families in Bali came to this gathering hosted by the Head of East Java Conference Pastor Jonathan WS Wagiran and madam Anneke Wagiran (head of Children Ministry dept. of EJC). Children and teachers from the school of Permata Ibu, Taman Eden, and most children of different groups from all SDA churches in Bali, pastors and parents had a great time enjoying the fun festive program on the green grass fields vastly stretched under the tall trees of the amazing botanical garden of Bedugul. Pastor JWS Wagiran and Madam Anneke Wagiran addressed the importance of spiritual development among the children and how this also depends on the crucial roles parents and teachers do at school and at homes. It was a great picnic for all, we were blessed with good weather, clear sky all the way from the start until the end of the program. The clouds started to lower down the trees of Bedugul by the time everyone was about to leave the park and it started drizzling by around 2 pm. We thank God for the beautiful day, the great love He gives ceaselessly which are all reflected through the wonders of creation, the lakes and the trees, the beautiful flowers and the plants, the funny monkeys, the fresh air, the sun and the rain that altogether bring joy and happiness to every child and family. 

Orientasi Pendidikan oleh Bpk. David Maart (KJKT)

Sunday March 26, 2017. Elder David Maart (Head of the Education Dept. of East Java Conference) once again did a seminar at Nusa Dua SDA church addressing new orientation in Adventist Education for the teachers of Permata Ibu school and the teachers of Taman Eden school. Elder Maart presented different aspects of education at the 7-hour seminar providing broaden insights for the teachers and principals of these two schools in their efforts in providing quality education and improved learning process with the children. 


Character Building Seminar for Taman Eden School

Mrs. Putu Rahayu Ujianti, M.Psi came to visit Taman Eden School on March 24, 2017 and presented a very much-needed seminar titled “Bullying.” With her long experience in helping school teachers dealing with students’ behavior and being a lecturer at the university of Undiknas in Singaraja, Mrs. Putu’s address regarding bullying at school broadened the insight of the teachers of Taman Eden school. The teachers were loaded with tools on how to analyze behavioral cases and how to deal with them by putting into consideration all the possible help parents may give in solving such problems. Teachers were opened to the unthinkable strategies they could have done in solving manner problems at school. On behalf of the Taman Eden school, Mr. Dana the Principal, all the teachers, students and parents and the school board, we herewith extend our greatest appreciation to Mrs. Putu Rahayu Ujianti, M.Psi for the very valuable time spent with us. God bless you.

Visitation of WIUM and EJC to Taman Eden School

Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Elder Parulian Sihotang (Head of the Education Department of West Indonesia Union Mission) and Elder David Maart (Head of the Education Department of East Java Conference), Sister Sri Wahyuning Rejeki (Principal of Anjasmoro school in Surabaya) and Sister Nurmely Simbolon (Principal of Permata Ibu school in Denpasar), conducted a meeting with the teachers and board of Taman Eden school addressing several issues regarding the progress of the school and the obstacles that needed to be solved in order to function to its maximum potential. Sharing their many years of experience working with different SDA schools in many places, the two heads of education department aimed to transfer their skills to Taman Eden school while setting up the main emphasis on the character building of students. Sister Sri Wahyuning and Sister Nurmely also made their contribution at the meeting based on the general survey they made on Taman Eden school. The long meeting was meant to enrich the Principal and Teachers of Taman Eden school to cope with the required and desirable standards of SDA schools and lit up the fire to bring the love of God in their dealings with the students. 

Later in the afternoon the team headed for Permata Ibu school in Denpasar for the accreditation process there. The whole team of Taman Eden school had a great and truly meaningful meeting with these officers from higher organization. Therefore we would like to extend our greatest appreciation for the time and all the efforts made for this purpose, may God continue to bless you in all things you do in bringing betterment in the field of education. 

Sabbath March 11th, 2017

Sabbath March 11th, 2017 was another special Sabbath for Nusa Dua SDA church. Pastor Frangky Maupula talked about the spiritual Israelites, the story of how the Israelites were brought out of slavery in Egypt. The importance of living a sanctified life with the grace of God. We were blessed with presence of many guests at church today, and among them were Peter and Chantelle who came for a holiday from Perth Australia. Peter and Chantelle brought us gifts from Swan Valley SDA church in Perth, Western Australia. We found 2 King James bibles, lots of CDs including the series of 20, and books. On the behalf of all Nusa Dua SDA church we would like to express our greatest appreciation for the huge gift you gave for Nusa Dua SDA church. May God bless you and your church abundantly.

Rejean and Tia Pion are leaving this week for a 3-week holiday to Rejean’s hometown in Canada. We wish you all the best and God bless you and make a channel of blessing for all your families there. 

Later in the afternoon, after the AY hour, we headed to the Barong beach near the new Ritz Carlton hotel in Sawangan area, about 20 minutes away from church. We had a good fun enjoying the creation of God, the beautiful white-sandy beach, the long shade it made late afternoon due to the high valley in the background, all made up the beautiful moments of closing Sabbath together by the beach as the moon started to shine up in the sky of Bali. 

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