Bali Sehat Ministry is a form of ministry of the whole Adventist community in Bali district which specializes in delivering educational seminars and health expos to encourage healthy lifestyle and NEWSTART. It all started from the evangelism-training group who named themselves BETP (Bali Evangelism Training Program) pioneered by Pamela Hannie. After completing the course for about 3,5 months, they then established Bali Sehat Ministry, chaired by Franklin Sitompul.

Following the ministry pattern applied by CMC (Chinese Ministry Center) Jakarta, BSM then started its activities by conducting seminars for public. Various activities like Health Expo and health seminars that brought in competent speakers such as Liong Pit Lin, Dr. Leo, Irene and Arlaine, Alain and Irene Bautista, and other health experts, were made in different places in Bali. Most of the time, seminars are conducted at the Klub Sehat Bali which is used as the base for BSM. The seminar topics delivered strongly encourage health awareness among the participants to adopt NEWSTART lifestyle.

BSM has then made a commitment to implement monthly seminars from May 2016. May 15, 2016, Dr. Leonard Uisetiawan MD, MPH, MIAFP (consultant of NEWSTART Lifestyle Center in Trawas, and working at the Consulate of the United States of America in Surabaya) presented a topic titled “The Diet that loses your weight and kills cancer.” The seminar was followed by the 21-day detox program. BSM works hand in hand with Klub Sehat Bali in implementing its programs.

Klub Sehat Bali is a store that sells natural and healthy food, and is also a form of ministry to educate people on living a healthy lifestyle.

Liong-Pit-LinJune 12, 2016, sister Liong Pit Lin (from the Chinese Ministry Center Jakarta) presented a seminar on cancer in Bali. Many people were moved to adopt the healthy lifestyle of sister Pit Lin due to the testimony of her own life experience. She was ‘sentenced’ to death by doctors as she was was already on the deadly, critical stage of cancer. Sister Liong Pit Lin has been to many different places presenting health seminars and witnessing the divine help God made in her life by obedience to the laws of health and changing her lifestyle. The seminar was conducted at Hotel Sanur Paradise.

Information regarding seminars and activities of Bali Sehat Ministry can be acquired at Klub Sehat Bali at this address: Pertokoan Taman Sari Blok E No. 234, Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur. 08179780188), Facebook link, website Klub Sehat.

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