Music Talk by Bapak Ronald Panjaitan

May 13, 2017, Bapak Ronald Panjaitan and Ibu Sondang Panjaitan Sirait, pioneers of the Seventh Singers, had the chance to attend Nusa Dua SDA church. Bapak Ronald Panjaitan spoke about the importance of solemn and reverent music at worship hours. Being a professional musician for many years, Bapak Ronald Panjaitan was able to show the kind of music that we should do at church, especially during worship hours as we approach the holy throne of God. Music is a prayer, our attitude in singing and the kinds of music we do show our respect for our Creator. Melodious songs like the ones found in church hymnal books are good for brains, while the songs exposing dissonance and loud sound that covers the voice of vocals are not proper to be played before the holy God. Bapak Ronald Panjaitan presented many examples from the Bible about the use of music, and the kind of noise that music made that is not right for worship. The kinds of musical instruments used and the way the music is conducted and the singers and songs, are among the important things we have to carefully consider in our preparation before worship hours. 

Dr Sondang Panjaitan singing special song at Nusa Dua SDA church 

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