Pestari Anak Distrik Bali, Sunday April 23th, 2017

‘Pesta Rohani Anak Distrik Bali’ perhaps can be referred to as the spiritual feast for SDA children of Bali district, was held last Sunday April 23th at the beautiful botanical garden of Bedugul. Most SDA families in Bali came to this gathering hosted by the Head of East Java Conference Pastor Jonathan WS Wagiran and madam Anneke Wagiran (head of Children Ministry dept. of EJC). Children and teachers from the school of Permata Ibu, Taman Eden, and most children of different groups from all SDA churches in Bali, pastors and parents had a great time enjoying the fun festive program on the green grass fields vastly stretched under the tall trees of the amazing botanical garden of Bedugul. Pastor JWS Wagiran and Madam Anneke Wagiran addressed the importance of spiritual development among the children and how this also depends on the crucial roles parents and teachers do at school and at homes. It was a great picnic for all, we were blessed with good weather, clear sky all the way from the start until the end of the program. The clouds started to lower down the trees of Bedugul by the time everyone was about to leave the park and it started drizzling by around 2 pm. We thank God for the beautiful day, the great love He gives ceaselessly which are all reflected through the wonders of creation, the lakes and the trees, the beautiful flowers and the plants, the funny monkeys, the fresh air, the sun and the rain that altogether bring joy and happiness to every child and family. 

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