Visitation of WIUM and EJC to Taman Eden School

Tuesday, March 21, 2017. Elder Parulian Sihotang (Head of the Education Department of West Indonesia Union Mission) and Elder David Maart (Head of the Education Department of East Java Conference), Sister Sri Wahyuning Rejeki (Principal of Anjasmoro school in Surabaya) and Sister Nurmely Simbolon (Principal of Permata Ibu school in Denpasar), conducted a meeting with the teachers and board of Taman Eden school addressing several issues regarding the progress of the school and the obstacles that needed to be solved in order to function to its maximum potential. Sharing their many years of experience working with different SDA schools in many places, the two heads of education department aimed to transfer their skills to Taman Eden school while setting up the main emphasis on the character building of students. Sister Sri Wahyuning and Sister Nurmely also made their contribution at the meeting based on the general survey they made on Taman Eden school. The long meeting was meant to enrich the Principal and Teachers of Taman Eden school to cope with the required and desirable standards of SDA schools and lit up the fire to bring the love of God in their dealings with the students. 

Later in the afternoon the team headed for Permata Ibu school in Denpasar for the accreditation process there. The whole team of Taman Eden school had a great and truly meaningful meeting with these officers from higher organization. Therefore we would like to extend our greatest appreciation for the time and all the efforts made for this purpose, may God continue to bless you in all things you do in bringing betterment in the field of education. 

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