Sabbath March 11th, 2017

Sabbath March 11th, 2017 was another special Sabbath for Nusa Dua SDA church. Pastor Frangky Maupula talked about the spiritual Israelites, the story of how the Israelites were brought out of slavery in Egypt. The importance of living a sanctified life with the grace of God. We were blessed with presence of many guests at church today, and among them were Peter and Chantelle who came for a holiday from Perth Australia. Peter and Chantelle brought us gifts from Swan Valley SDA church in Perth, Western Australia. We found 2 King James bibles, lots of CDs including the series of 20, and books. On the behalf of all Nusa Dua SDA church we would like to express our greatest appreciation for the huge gift you gave for Nusa Dua SDA church. May God bless you and your church abundantly.

Rejean and Tia Pion are leaving this week for a 3-week holiday to Rejean’s hometown in Canada. We wish you all the best and God bless you and make a channel of blessing for all your families there. 

Later in the afternoon, after the AY hour, we headed to the Barong beach near the new Ritz Carlton hotel in Sawangan area, about 20 minutes away from church. We had a good fun enjoying the creation of God, the beautiful white-sandy beach, the long shade it made late afternoon due to the high valley in the background, all made up the beautiful moments of closing Sabbath together by the beach as the moon started to shine up in the sky of Bali. 

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